Sunday, April 29, 2012

#402. A-to-Z Thank-yous

With one day remaining, I've just got to say that this has been an incredible experience.  For one thing, going into this, I didn't have any followers, and now I've got a bakers dozen, and I'm incredibly grateful for that, no matter how much you read me after the challenge is over.

Early on, I expressed some concern that it would be difficult to find a lot of overlapping interests, but I was quickly proven wrong because I soon found, and was found by, a lot of fellow bloggers who contradicted that view.  Here I will acknowledge all of the blogs I've followed and regularly commented on (a complete list of the ones I follow can be found somewhere along the left of your window, assuming you're still looking at Scouring Monk when you do so):

Alex J. Cavanaugh
One of the lead promoters of this event is also fittingly how I originally found out about it.  He receives about a billion comments every day.

The Blutonian Death Egg
Rusty drove himself a little crazy with sketches this month.  It was for a good cause!

Civil War Horror
Sean McLachlan maintains this as a shrine to Civil War experiences in Mississippi and other regions of the Western frontier.  He wrote a book called A Fine Likeness that he has been successfully promoting all month in clever and subtle ways.

Cruising Altitude 2.0
I originally thought DL was writing about actual cruising.  No, no he was not.  He's a kindred spirit in the budding writers game.

Empire's 5-star 500
wizzardSS has been writing about Empire magazine's favorite movies, but took a break this month to participate in the challenge, and as such is one of many movie bloggers I discovered.

The life story of Alice has been serialized all month here.

Meme Express
Another movie blogger.

Michael Abayomi
Another movie blogger, and my main buddy in this enterprise!

Shreds & Shards
effervescencia has been writing about literary characters all month.  I did not help her with the "x" one, but I tried.

Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog
Spacerguy is a fan of Star Trek!  So as such knew what I spent the other half of my month doing, besides the movies.  Glad to have found this one!

Stay on Target...
MOCK! shares my love of comics.  Yay!

Vibrant Oxymoron
T'Laina is the other great Star Trek fan I discovered thanks to the challenge.  She's also into Doctor Who!

Yadin Bromberg
Bromberg is another movie blogger!

Yes, This Will Be On the Test
Leslie has been a faithful supporter of mine this month, and has herself been blogging about various pop culture things.

Althea has been describing their alien culture all month.  Translator off!

Again, thanks to everyone for making April so memorable!


Michael Abayomi said...

Awww shucks. I think I've got a tear in my eye. Can't believe the challenge is almost over. And to think I wasn't even sure of whether or not I'd be participating this time last month. I'm sure glad that I did though. Got to meet some truly awesome people along the way. :D

Catherine Stine said...

Hey, Scouring Monk, good links! Yeah, I'm getting nostalgic for A to Z myself... one more day. Monday will be Medieval curse word day on mine.

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

Michael, you really earned it.

Leslie Rose said...

Hey Tony, thanks for the shout out. I've really enjoyed meeting you and the other kindred spirits I've found on the A to Z.


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