Wednesday, April 04, 2012

#371. Cobra and Wasteland

I've got some new commentaries up at Comics Reader, for IDW's Cobra and Oni's Wasteland, two comic books that've been among my favorites for the last few years now.  I keep expecting that their popularity will expand, but it hasn't happened yet.  Cobra helped launch the "Cobra Civil War" crossover in IDW's G.I. Joe comics; Wasteland has recently gotten back into regular publishing after ironing out some issues with the art, marking 2012 a great year to jump into both of them.  (Combined with Cartoon's RASL, they're what I'd recommend to anyone looking beyond The Walking Dead for comic books worth reading that don't feature superheroes, and in that regard, I'd recommend anything written by Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison.)

I've been touring some of my fellow A-to-Z Challenge, trying to find anyone who blogs like me, but I'm having difficulties, folks.  A lot of those who signed up seem to be aspiring writers (not surprising, in some regards, considering the people running the challenge), and a lot of the others invested in nonfiction blogging one form or another, focusing on hobbies.  I've discovered a lot of the blogs with awesome titles don't have awesome content (please disregard this opinion if you identify yourself as one of those), which is a huge disappointment.  But we're still early.  There may be surprises yet to be discovered.  I know the point of the exercise is networking, but I'm just wondering how many of the participants will really find me, much less each other, all that intriguing.  Common bonds here may begin and end with participation, other than those who already know each other.


loverofwords said...

Just looked up Stephen Pastis the cartoonist of Pearls Before Swine--interesting background as you probably know. Thanks for nudging my interest.

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

Reading his strip makes it difficult to view Pastis as a lawyer. But I guess that just means that not all lawyers are evil.


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