Sunday, September 07, 2008

#184. Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick, How I Got These Scars

Jeff Hardy and The Brian Kendrick had a terrific match on Smackdown this week, kind of justifying Kendrick in a title match tonight, just in case people were wondering. It's great thathe's finally getting his chance to shine, and that WWE is smart enough to give him an opponent he matches up with so well. Will Paul London get a chance like this? I doubt it. But at least one of them does.

Tomorrow's my last "Weekly," while Friday is my second "How I Got These Scars." I've got boatloads of things I'll be writing about in the new column, which is appropriate enough, while I'll still be keeping a log of the comics I read, if not stricty for the record then definitely for my own awards season. Change happens!

Friday, September 05, 2008

#183. Paperback Reader Over, PWI 500 2008, Lower Decks

Hey, officially quit the column at Paperback Reader. I just got fed up with the utter lack of attention, either from Bart or from readers (probably a combination of both). He seriously thought improving the site meant, at least for a while, changing the design every few months. Maybe, a few years from now, it'll be everything it could be. But I doubt it. And I don't want to sink with the ship.

Anyway, PWI's new 500 finally arrived a few days back, and of course Randy Orton was number one. The whole issue was refreshing, like the editors have started realizing some of the mistakes they've made in the past, a glaring one being unable to accurately report the heavyweight titles of WWE (the big problem of the annual I ordered at the same time), or being able to pick the top wrestler (RVD, Dead Malenko, Chris Benoit, you were all mistakes, of varying degrees) when they had an minor favorite in mind. They could have easily put Samoa Joe on top, but instead went with the right choice, and seemed to work through the rest of the list accordingly.

But don't cry for me over quitting PBR. I have a new column at Lower Decks, a site (earlier known as the original I've been writing for and visiting for close to a decade. "How I Got These Scars" will hopefully be more successful than "Weekly."


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