Tuesday, April 03, 2012

#369. Blog Updates

Some regularly scheduled activities around the Scouring blogs:

New poem at Epistles from the New Fade, my ongoing project (until I once again hit 100).

More episodes from the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager at Fan Companion, including thoughts on "Living Witness," which I call essential viewing.  I've also got thoughts on Sunday's WrestleMania.

I got a new entry in the "Star Trek '12" project at Sigild, focusing on the Jem'Hadar from Deep Space Nine, putting their story in some context.

The final "Quarter Bin" column for some time is also up at Comics Reader, featuring thoughts on Sandman Mystery Theatre, Brightest Day, and some other discoveries in the back issue bins at Heroes & Dragons in Colorado Springs.  I'll next be writing about Oni's exceptional Wasteland, covering each of its trade paperback collections.

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