Thursday, May 15, 2003

#60. Magnetic Poetry

I've got one paper to write, and then I'm effectively free from this latest and second-to-last semester of college. On to other, possibly more interesting things. You know what's pretty evil? Magnetic poetry. Not only does it have the potential to produce obcenely absurb poetry, but the letters, words, and suffixes and prefixes are bitches to break up, stick on a board, take off a board (if you put a lot of them on at a time), and generally use. I think there're too many tiles included per box. I'm talking the official Magnetic Poetry here, the stuff that generally comes in those little boxes. Do they realize how much they're cramming in those? Those tiles are small, and thus they can include a lot of them, and trust me, there's a lot there! Okay, that's enough rambling...

Friday, May 09, 2003

#59. Editing

As these things are sometimes wont to, the editing of The Impressionist, License Plate 8310 LA, Dirty Animals, and Bizarro Lives actually turned out well (at least in my opinion). These titles have very little meaning if you can't actually read the short stories, but people prattle on about personal things in these blogs, right? That's what I'm doing, darn it! Okay, that's it.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

#58. U2, Editing

Still haven't found out if I was horribly mistaken about the official set of U2 albums. Feeling good about that.

I'm going to have to edit those stories I've mentioned here, and that's a great pain. What to edit? What to edit? Whose opinion to rely on? What to take from the opinions? I loathe the editing process.


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