Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#380. Fan Companion, Wasteland, Zetar

Over at Fan Companion, I'm continuing my look at individual episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, now moving on to its sixth season, which has traditionally been viewed in a somewhat negative light (and is arguably one of the main reasons the whole franchise went into hibernation and eventual transmutation).  I happy to like the season, so it'll be fun writing about it.

I've written commentaries for two additional paperback collections of Wasteland at Comics Reader.  I'll be finished up with the existing collections by next week, and will be writing about Neil Gaiman's Sandman, as represented by the first annotated collection, released earlier this year.

At Sigild, I'm continuing my "Star Trek '12" fiction project, exploring every century of recorded franchise history, one significant event at a time.  This time we hark back to "The Lights of Zetar," from the original series.

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