Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#378. Wasteland, A Distant Mirror, Black Elk Speaks

Today I continued my look at Oni's Wasteland at Comics Reader, examining the second trade paperback collection and its developments for the superb comic book series.

I also put some updates at Hub City, tracking my Reading List.  I've just concluded Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror, and have begun Black Elk Speaks, which happens to also be one of several subjects breached in my manuscript for Ecce Homo, the book that tracks a realistic approach to Adam & Eve, and also some special looks at other religious experiences and their unlikely participants.  (This is a plug for a book that is not published.  Yes, it is gratuitous, but on oddly humble terms.)

Be sure to check in at Epistles from the New Fade, where new poems are written for your near-daily amusement.  Today's featured a take-off on the one written by my former bookstore colleague Philip Kroagmeier, who posted a poem referencing cherry blossoms at Sword of the Ancients.  Having studied Japanese poetry in college, I'm fully aware that cherry blossoms are a traditional subject of inspiration.  So that's how these things sometimes happen.

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