Wednesday, November 30, 2005

#114. Repose of the Eidolon Completed

Does this say enough? I will give a full accounting later, but sufficed to say, Repose of the Eidolon has been completed. Another success! Woot!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

#113. Repose of the Eidolon, Lost, Devil in the White City

Okay! So yeah, I could be spending this time actually writing Repose of the Eidolon, but you might as well know some of the factors that've complicated its creation. One is that I don't have a functioning word processing program at the moment. In lieu of one, I've used two separate (on the first day, I employed one particular method, which was using an old college service that was proving inadequate because it thought inexplicably dropping spaces into the documents was a good thing) replacements to compensate, as well as a word count program I found online, plus a message board for spelling checking purposes. One might assume, given all this, that I could merely write each chapter right here with Blogger (which yesterday thought it'd be great to perform maintenance and scare me into thinking I couldn't post the fourth chapter or cheat and footprint the fifth, as I've now done for the sixth today, with both actually being written in the next two days). I don't want to do that, if only to create the illusion, for myself, that I'm actually doing some editing along the way.

So yeah, I'm a bit behind, but I've been taking steps to compensate in that regard, too. In the first week I had still been thinking I could approach this with a cocky attitude, because I'd discovered I could pump chapters out in an hour or so, which kept pushing further and further back when I would actually write them. On Friday this bit me in the ass, as it was the day that I didn't actually end up writing a chapter (although I did manage the outline for the entire story, which I thought was at least equally valuable a contribution). Today seeming otherwise (really, it's still a matter of time), the story is now going to become my priority, which means I will concentrate on writing chapters first and having my fun later, actually enjoying my time off from work (well, as much as I can) when not watching Lost (first season DVD or the current run, where Sawyer (gasp!) appears to be on the chopping block) or attempting to keep up my reading (currently: The Devil and the White City) and maybe getting to some of those DVD extras for all the movies I've been buying lately.

The effect is that I won't have to worry at all, and this is none too early in the month to make such a resolve. This being the second year, it's nice to have such perspective. More of that arrives in knowing I have a community from Digital Webbing to share the experience with, besides my nonexistant readers here at the Monk.

There's also plenty to talk about where wrestling is concerned, but I'll get to that later.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

#112. Repose of the Eidolon, Leopold's Concentration

The band's started up again. Repose of the Eidolon is now in its second day as this year's NaNoWriMo effort. I've been frustrated in efforts to locate a key note for the story, but otherwise things have gone well enough. I've gotten three different word totals for the first chapter, but I'm going with the last one, which puts me behind (unlike the first two) the roughly 1667 words I'd need to write each day for 30 days (the general schema I employed last year and tried again with Leopold's Concentration). Today I went over by a couple of words, and have reached the staggering (well, not really) total-to-date of 3227 words. Balthazar Romero is turning out to be a potent way to channel this this tale. It's come fairly easily so far, which is a good thing, and nothing I've written I gave previous thought toward, which is another good thing.

Well, more later.


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