Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#386. Space Corps

Over at Sigild I've posted a short story called "Quagmire," which is actually an excerpt from an aborted novella I worked on a decade ago.  But what makes it more interesting is that it was among the first fiction I actually wrote about a space opera I've been developing for almost a decade longer.  This year I'll be working on the first draft of the book I've been planning since 1998, but I've got so much material for the Space Corps, "Quagmire" doesn't even deal directly with the central premise of this sprawling saga.  Rather, it helps set up in a Tolkien sort of way elements that help explain how things came to be.  (Never mind, but one story I just finished plotting actually explains some of the details in "Quagmire" to be lies.)

Though I posted "Quagmire" and other chapters from the novella on a personal website at the time, I've been extremely reluctant to make any of this saga public, always believing that I would become a bestselling writer either thanks directly to the book I'm finally going to write or because of something else I've written.  Obviously that hasn't happened yet.  It finally occurred to me that it doesn't make sense to not write something that has been so important to me, that it actually makes more sense to write it than to hold onto it.  Does that make sense?

I've already written some short Space Corps material at Sigild, originally posted under the "Warship" heading, but since I'm writing some additional prologue material for the novel, I'm now going to have a whole page dedicated to the Space Corps.  (Part of the reason I've been reluctant to make this stuff public is that I've tried to come up with a unifying title that I felt satisfied with, and I've gone through a lot of unsatisfying options in the meantime.)

Some of this may sound extremely silly.  Hopefully you'll have the good grace to humor me.

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