Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#389. Sphere Builders, Wasteland, Batman

At Comics Reader I've concluded my look at the existing trade collections of Oni Press's Wasteland, rounding out with the fifth and sixth volumes (which were published two years apart, thanks to art issues I mention), as well as talk about some of the recent comics I've read from recent trips to Heroes & Dragons in Colorado Springs and Toys 'r' Us (where I'm glad they have comics again).

Fan Companion features thoughts on five more episodes from the sixth season of Star Trek: Voyager, including standouts "Riddles" and "The Voyager Conspiracy."

Sigild, meanwhile, has another entry in the ongoing "Star Trek '12" project, this time having a look at the legacy of the Sphere Builders from the excellent third season of Enterprise.

Additionally, Hub City recently featured some updates from my Reading List, including thoughts on the book I just finished reading and the one I just started.

And Epistles from the New Fade continues to feature new poems.  Hey, it's Poetry Month.  You will read this blog.  You can and you will.

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