Published Works

I've been a busy little writer over the last decade.

The Cloak of Shrouded Men

One of my biggest projects was a three year stint accepting the NaNoWriMo challenge, in the Novembers of 2004-2006, when I completed The Cloak of Shrouded Men, the book I subsequently published in 2007. (Excerpt.)

"Last Ride Out of Liberation" was an editor's selection in this anthology.  You can purchase it here.  Released 2011.


Monorama is a collection of short stories broken into seven parts.  Most of these were first seen on my Sigild blog, including those featured in the Lost Books of Tomorrow opening section, thirty-two glimpses into the future or otherwise unusual look at a world one step removed from our own, as well as Back from the Dead, Roadkill Cafe, Lost Convoy, and a glimpse at the world of Space Corps, Quagmire, existing as separate chapters.  There's also Falling Man, which was originally featured on Myspace, and Leopold's Concentration, a novella based on a concept I've been working on since high school.  There are recurring themes and interconnections to be found within this book, which can also be purchased for Kindle.  Released July 2012.

Terror of Knowing

This is a poetry collection featuring the philosophy of the Metaphysics of Value.  It can be purchased here.  Plus, less ideally, in Kindle version.  Released December 2012

Mouldwarp Press Presents #1 "Project Mayhem"

I've edited this volume of micro fiction personally, which is a considerable personal achievement.  And yes, I've got a story in it, culled from the annals of the Space Corps.  Paperback and ebook versions available.  Released February 2013.

Yoshimi and the Shadow Clan

The first in the Yoshimi trilogy follows the adventures of a teenage girl just learning the truth about the death of her parents and suddenly finding herself hurtling toward the way of the warrior.  Best perk is the Scimitar blade.  Most questionable perk: potential boyfriend Bill, who may be the pupil of the man who murdered her parents...Paperback and ebook versions available.  Released March 2013.

The Temporal Element

"A Home More Welcoming" is included in this anthology.  Available in paperback and ebook formats.  Released March 2013.

The Whole Bloody Affair

This is the complete Yoshimi saga, all three volumes, including the previously released Yoshimi and the Shadow Clan.  My favorite volume is the second, which features my homage to Roberto Bolano's 2666, which is my all-time favorite book.  (Here are some samples: Excerpt #1Excerpt #2Excerpt #3)  Available in paperback and ebook formats.  Released September 2013.

The Kennedy Curse
Includes "The Cuban Exile Crisis," which is a Space Corps short story.  Available in paperback.  Released October 2013.

Pale Moonlight
My literary vampire epic, the first manuscript I ever deliberately wrote and thus the template for everything that has followed.  (Excerpt.)  Available in paperback and ebook formats.  Released February 2014.

Mouldwarp Press Presents #2 "Song Remains the Same"
This second volume in the anthology series features my story, "Concept Album," as well as David Perlmutter's "Peg o My Heart," which each revolve around our hometowns in fictional contexts.  Paperback and ebook editions available.  Released March 2015.

In which Adam and Eve are examined as thinking individuals, their offspring Cain and Abel try to establish the pattern for the rest of humanity, and world history is explored through the unlikely individuals who also had experiences with the divine.  (Excerpt.)  Available in paperback and ebooks formats.  Released March 2015.


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