Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#365. Survivor: One World thoughts

It's perhaps not a well-documented fact here at Scouring Monk, but I've been watching Survivor since Rich Hatch and me both agreed in the first episode that he was going to win.

My sister shares my obsession, and we've been watching previous seasons in our typical marathon sessions.  That's helped me get my groove back in trying to figure out who has the best odds to win.  That being said, Survivor: One World is now officially Troyzan and Kim's season to lose.  If they don't win, then we'll probably learn in the next few episodes who will be able to dethrone them (next week's preview suggests some of that will be attempted soon).

But I really don't think it'll work.  Again, this season of Survivor will be won by either Troyzan or Kim.  Only so often do the people who find hidden immunity idols bungle their good fortune.  These two won't pull a James.  The fact that they both have one only serves to testify the strength of their game.  Some people stumble into these things.  These two know exactly what they're doing.


Nikki said...

Hi :) I found you in the A - Z signup list. I've never watched Survivor but many people tell me to!

Good luck with the challenge, have you come up with a theme?

Nikki – inspire nordic

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

I not only have a theme but the entire month plotted!

And if I were to suggest one season of Survivor to watch, it would be the original All-Stars from 2004. You'll get to see people acting crazy, but a lot of good strategy that plays out in unexpected ways. It's the strongest collection of players the show has ever had.


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