Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#360. Free Looks at Comics


Since I started writing about comic books starting in 2006 at Paperback Reader (now definitively departed), I've had the occasional opportunity to read material I have not needed to buy.  (Among the early ones were Drew Melbourne's ArchEnemies and Night Trippers, which remains the only physical work that has been sent to me.)

Happily, I discovered that my Comics Reader blog has allowed me to continue this, which is a fair bit beyond what I expected from this venture.  Last year I was able to review Dear Creature, which I later saw stocked at Barnes & Noble, and now I've had a look at Sensory Distortion thanks to my adventures on Facebook.  Anyone who has visited Comics Reader knows that I typically read superhero comics, but I can appreciate good storytelling no matter how it's told (cheap plug for Hub City, here), and Sensory Distortion is good visual storytelling.

Did I mention how cool it is to get free looks at stuff?

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