Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#357. Comics, Fan Companion, Star Trek '12


I've got an onslaught of material over at Comics Reader, so here's your guide:

First, a new Quarter Bin column, my regular look at older comics, this time dealing with Martian Manhunter and work from creators Jim Krueger and Mark Waid, only one of whom should wish that I was talking about comics they did with Alex Ross.

Then I've got a ton of reviews for new comics: RASL, Aquaman, Demon Knights, Quatermain, Justice League, The Twelve, Nightwing, Shinku, and The Stand, plus a look at a few preview books I got my hands on from Heroes and Dragons, but that one's on top, so if you just visit Comics Reader, already, you'll see that one just fine.

I've also got five more episodes analyses for the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager up at Fan Companion, so definitely check that out.

Finally, I've got more Star Trek at Sigild.  With the latest entry in the "Star Trek '12" project, I try to put a little perspective on one of the most sensational elements of Voyager, the Vidiians, who famously suffered the horendous Phage and attacked the crew on multiple occasions.  Perspective is what "Star Trek '12" is all about.  Hopefully that's coming across.

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