Friday, November 22, 2002

#6. Prelude to Rogue Unit

Today I picked up a new book, Live From New York, a chronicle of Saturday Night Live from the people who have and are experiencing it firsthand. After realizing I had nothing better to do, I read the first chapter this afternoon, and it's worth the price of admittance. That's pretty much all I've got to say on that.

Tomorrow sees the start of Rogue Unit, what I'm describing as a serialized synopsis series, to be featured here at Scouring Monk most Saturdays I'm available to continue it. I call it a series since it will be unfurled in the general television sense, with seasons and weeks off and such, and the first week off will be next week, luckily enough. That'll give me a chance to make sure I want to go ahead with it after getting the headway in the door (I'll be off on Thanksgiving holiday). Then it'll continue for a few weeks, and then a month-long break will take place whilst I take my winter holiday from school, the most reliable source of Internet I've got.

Age of Mouldwarp (but Rogue Unit will be exclusive to the Monk for at least a little while)

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