Saturday, November 23, 2002

#7. Rogue Unit "Simply Vanish Says the Night"

Rogue Unit Ep. 01
"Simply Vanish, Says the Night"

Wally Pearce is sent by Colonel Moss to the planet Berlios, where he is to locate Rogue Unit, specifics not required, since Pearce is not to get emotionally involved. So, not knowing what Rogue Unit is, Pearce sets off on the transport vessel Memento to Berlios, unaware that Moss has made a deal with a team of Pincers to meet him there.

Pearce comes across Dody Tyer aboard Memento, which Tyer is taking for a business trip to Descartes. The two experience an assault by Pincers on another passenger, which Tyer takes as a sign that there is someone else onboard the Pincers are in reality targeting, since they are known to send warnings to their victims before dealing with them personally. Tyer then suggests that they blend in with the rest of the passengers, which Pearce takes as hiding without actually saying so.

The rest of the trip to Berlios is uneventful, but then an explosion rocks the Memento, and forces all passengers to disembark on the planet. Pearce agrees to let Tyer tag along for a while, as he begins his search for Rogue Unit.

to be continued...

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