Tuesday, November 19, 2002

#2. Batman Nonsense, Reading List, Writing Projects

Batman is attempting to take over the world. Don't believe me? He's already got the season of Spring covered, with the first sign of it being Robin, er, the robin. He's now attempting to do the same with Winter, with Mr. Freeze, er, frost. Back in early November I saw a patch of frost on the walkway and knew that winter was on its way. Sure enough, it snowed soon after. Now that New England has had its first large helping of snow over the weekend, I've been able to enjoy that, see? Today I noticed a frozen patch of snow for the first time, and I also saw my breath. Granted, I could have likely seen my breath earlier, but this is the first time I noticed it. Winter is here. Goodbye mild winter from last year...

Current reading list:
Destroy, She Said by Marguerite Duras (school reading)
Civil Disobediance, and Other Essays by Henry David Thoreau (school reading)
Dave Barry's Guide to Guys by Dave Barry

Current writing projects:
They Saved Eddington's Brain! (a Copernicus tale)
The Face in the Far Well (haven't quite decided what this is yet, probably a poem)
Segue Your Way (part of the Prod Oasis saga Enigma of the Dawn)
Doug's Dichotomy (senior project)

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