Wednesday, November 20, 2002

#3. People Talking Randomly

Ever meet one of those people, likely just on the street, or possibly in your place of residence for those not owning a home or condo or the like, who talk to you, or at you, with no apparent motivation other than they feel like talking to someone, or simply expressing something? Barring any kind of examination as to what that may be about, let's say that I had such an experience not ten minutes ago, and it occured to me afterward that these blogs are not unlike that experience. Granted, those who read these things are seeking to read them, but the people who are typing them up, such as myself, aren't seemingly directing their thoughts at anyone in particular. It's a bit odd, is all, and thankfully my excuse for participating in said activity is that I'm also a bit odd, but no more than anyone else currently living, deceased in the last million years, or to live in the next million.

Erm, go about your normal business...

Age of Mouldwarp
(that's my web site, which is presumably the reason someone is reading this hokum...)

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