Sunday, November 24, 2002

#8. Background of Rogue Unit

Do you want some context for Rogue Unit? That'd probably be nice of me, huh? It takes place roughly a thousand years from now and features a human civilization which has colonized a small chunk of the Milky Way, meaning that Berlios and Descartes are both human checkpoints. There aren't any aliens here, much like the TV show Firefly, which I dislike for projecting the past onto the future, and not just any past but the American past, which is even more nauseating than just the simple past aspect. But I won't get into that. That's hardly important where Rogue Unit is concerned.

And concerning Rogue Unit and the Monk, although you might get the mistaken impression that this so-called serialized synopsis series figures greatly into my plans for this blog, it doesn't and it didn't. I decided to start it on a whim, and it will mostly be confined onto Saturday posts, meaning that the rest of the week will be your traditional blog shlogging, whatever that means.

Perhaps this is what it means? Okay, so I have nothing at the moment, but rest assured that you can look through some of the other posts and find what I might mean. That's all for now...

Age of Mouldwarp
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