Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#589. Pop Fly Wednesday

The Boston Red Sox
2nd in American League East Division
The Sox were five-in-seven for the past week.  Good for them!

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
4th in American League West Division
Mike Trout made history again.  The Angels were three-in-six, including a couple big wins (a good phrase to use for this hard-luck team).  Trout is batting .293, Mark Trumbo .269, and Albert Pujols .247.

The Oakland Athletics
2nd in American League West Division
The A's were five-in-six.  That's awesome!

The St. Louis Cardinals
1st in National League Central Division
The Cardinals were four-in-seven.  Pretty good!


Briane P said...

I'm moving around my blog reading list to hit new blogs more often. I've bumped yours way up the list. I take it this is the main blog I should check out to know what's going on with all your other ones?

I'm not much of a baseball fan. I don't even know why I say it that way. I don't like baseball. There, I said it. It's boring to me. That said, I sometimes listen to the Milwaukee Brewers on the radio because even though I don't know who's playing, anymore -- other than Ryan "Magic Urine" Braun-- I like the old-timey, summery feel of hearing baseball things on the radio.

NOTE: I would PLAY baseball, if I could do so with a group of people who are roughly my level of skill, which is to say, 5th graders who have some sort of muscular problem. Also, I'm not sociable, so I won't be going for a beer afterwards.

NOTE, 2: Sometimes I amaze even myself with how much I can talk about nothing.

Tony Laplume said...

Unfortunately, there will not be much to follow. I'm taking what will be at the least a sabbatical.


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