Friday, May 10, 2013

579. Direct Current Friday

That's the kind of day I had, which is good, because usually I've just been angry depressed at my current job.  Being sarcastic was a massive coping mechanism when I was working at the bookstore.  We all had radios, and when I was being funny sarcastic (because angry sarcastic is bad, or so I've learned), I could make people like me.  I'm naturally a reserved individual.  The way I blog is the way I'd talk, but a lot of what I yammer about when I blog goes over my beloved readers' heads, and it's really no different in real life.  I really haven't known anyone in real life who will tolerate me talking about the things that interest me, including my peculiar observations just from life.  That's half of the reason why I write.  And figuring out how to make it acceptable in blog form has been another process.  These cartoony things will become funny (hopefully), but the introduction has to be a little different.

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