Wednesday, May 08, 2013

#577. Pop Fly Wednesday

Since the Challenge ended, I'm sure you've been sitting on pins and needles just waiting for me to update how my four baseball teams have been doing.  Nah, I'm sure you're not.  This is as much for me as anything else.  This is a log of the season.  Truth is, if I weren't blogging about it, I wouldn't check in as regularly.  It's far easier to track baseball in a newspaper or on the TV (or radio) than by Internet.  The Internet is the most comprehensive source, but it takes getting used to as my main source.  So I'm making a weekly concerted effort.

The Boston Red Sox

They're still atop their division.  That's just awesome.  Big Papi has been on a hitting streak.  Clay Buchholz won his sixth game on May 1.  They lost most of the games in this stretch, but again, that's okay.  They're doing just fine.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

These guys have as many losses as the Sox have wins (21).  So still not so fantastic.  They won on the 1st and 3rd.  Mark Trumbo is at .292, Mike Trout at .274, and Albert Pujols at .231.

The Oakland Athletics

The A's are two and a half games behind the Texas Rangers. They lost most of their games in this stretch, including one to the Angels.  They won two out of three in a series with the Yankees, so that's pretty cool.

The St. Louis Cardinals

These guys have 21 wins and are at the top of their division, too.  Naturally they won the majority of their games.

I'll probably have to check in a little more often on my own if I want to have more to say about this stuff next time.  I yammered on and on some days during the Challenge.  There was literally one day late in April where I talked more about baseball than the unique subjects I was otherwise tackling.

But the other big change from last month is that now all these people who thought maybe I was an interesting blogger are learning that most of what I find interesting maybe...isn't so interesting to other people in this community...


Spacerguy said...

Go the Red Sox. 21 games is a good number to win.

Tony Laplume said...

I'm so pleased that the Sox are doing well!


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