Saturday, April 27, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 24: The Letter X

X marks the spot.  Or in the case of this blog throughout the month, the Challenge logo has been a direct link to the Challenge's own blog.  Did you notice?

The Fateful Lightning
Space Corps Volume 2

As I've mentioned several times already, Space Corps began as a pastiche on Star Trek, though the narrative started developing its own flavor soon enough.  The Fateful Lightning has already been discussed as branching out by way of the role of the first officer (back on L Day), a trend that continued with Robert Drummond gaining Xanthus under his command.  Yet Xanthus was no great replacement for Helen Larkin.  He was a rat bastard, another bona fide villain in the saga, although in the grand scheme of Lightning itself he's still not one of the most prominent.  Take that, Xanthus!  Although as far as this archetype goes, the turncoat, he resembles a favorite character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Michael Eddington, who started out as the rare Starfleet security officer who didn't loathe Odo.  I don't know that many fans remember Eddington, but he was an instant favorite, even before he betrayed Sisko to join the Maquis (the Federation rebels featured heavily in Voyager, though not rebelliously enough for some).  For a real treat, catch the episode "For the Uniform," in which Eddington becomes Sisko's white whale.

Yoshimi Trilogy

This obscure word refers to swords.  We've talked about the Scimitar.  You know swords are important to warrior orphan Yoshimi's story, thanks to the one she inherited from James Peers (whom you met on P Day, when you really needed to go for some reason).  There are several ways to go if I want to eventually continue this particular saga, and tracking the history of the Scimitar in more depth (you learn briefly the Peers version in Yoshimi and the Shadow Clan) is one obvious direction.


The Red Sox won again.  Yeah, tis getting old.  What would we possibly do with another World Series title?  Jacoby Ellsbury, whom I mentioned in my glut of stats, notched his 200th career stolen base yesterday.

The Angels won.  That was not a typo!  Mark Trumbo is batting .308, Mike Trout .272, and Albert Pujols .268.

The A's lost.  Today, however, is a celebration for the 1973 World Series champions.  Read about it here.

The Cardinals won.  Jake Westbrook is looking for career win 100 today.  Wish him luck!


Spacerguy said...

Isn't it great Star Trek is such a source of inspiration for so many? never surrender, never give up!

mshatch said...

I'd love to see the Sox (Red) win another series!

Francene Stanley said...

Good referenes to X, however, the mention of American games results left me cold here in England. ;-)
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