Friday, April 26, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge Day 23: The Letter W

Miranda Weaving
Dead Letters
Space Corps Book 6

Captain of a ship in a veritable lost era, she makes her own agenda (at least when Tsan from T Day isn't interfering, much less other developments), and although Weaving is the main character of Dead Letters that doesn't mean that she makes it to the end of the story.  Bona fide spoiler, yo.  Lots of craziness surrounds her, lots of betrayal, yet Weaving maintains her integrity throughout all of it, which makes her one of the characters I most regretted having to say goodbye to, but also one of the easier, because it couldn't have been any other way.  

Ms. Wilson
Yoshimi Trilogy

Because I've danced around so much of the things that end up happening in later volumes, I figured I owe you another spoiler on W Day (making you all winners).  The Ms. Wilson you meet in Yoshimi and the Shadow Clan only appears to be the ornery old lady Yoshimi justifiably loathes.  She's also her grandmother, and her continued role in the story is no mistake.  So yes, that makes Yoshimi's last name Wilson, and her mother's last name Wilson, and therefore her mother's full name (because I previously mentioned her on R Day) Rose Wilson, which is also the name of Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathroke's daughter in DC lore.  


Buchholz won!  The Sox won!  That by the way does in fact make Clay the first five-game winner of either league.  Big Papi is also swinging a hot bat.  Boston is comfortably atop their division at the moment.  All is well in Beantown.

The Angels lost again.  Mark Trumbo is batting .310, Mike Trout .270, Albert Pujols (playing first again) .266.  But since average isn't everything, I should acknowledge statistics like Trout leading the team in runs with 13, Trout and Pujols tying for second in runs batted in with 11, and Trout also leading in stolen bases with 3.

The A's lost.  While I'm doing stats, let's also reference Coco Crisp again, who's leading Oakland in runs (20), home runs (5), and stolen bases (7).  So again, not just an awesome name.

The Cardinals didn't play yesterday.

I'll round today with some more stats:

Jed Lowrie is doing really well for Oakland and in general.  He's got the fifth best average in the Majors at .365.  Crisp's 20 runs make him second in that category.  Boston's Mike Napoli (who by the way is also the team's lead All Star bait) has the leading 26 RBIs.  Jacoby Ellsbury from the Sox is leading in steals with 10, while Crisp is second by him with his 7.  On the pitching side, you already know about Buchholz and his record number of wins to date.  Boston also has Jon Lester on the leader board with 4 (yeah, so clearly I'm doing horribly at actually being comprehensive).  Buchholz also ranks third with his earned run average at 1.19, while the Cardinals' Jake Westbrook is right behind him with an ERA of 1.25.  Buchholz also ranks with his strikeouts, good for third again with 39.  The Cardinals also have Shelby Miller ranking on the more recent stat known as WHIP (an acronym that doesn't strictly match what it stands for, so I'll skip expanding this one), with 0.84 good enough for fifth.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Miranda Weaving - that name sounds so familiar.
And sorry, I don't really follow baseball. Football and hockey are my favorite sports.

mshatch said...

I was going to comment at your other blog about google + but unless I sign up, I can't. And that's why I don't like google + and will not sign on.

David List said...

Spoilers galore! That's really cool how it links back to DC behind the scenes. It's cool to learn that kind of thing about an author's creation.

Tony Laplume said...

Alex, my Google search turned up results for the name Miranda Weaver, but no Weaving. Her name was inspired in part by Kerry Weaver on ER, portrayed by Laura Innes.

mshatch, Google+ is its own kind of beast.

David, spoilers can be good!

The Armchair Squid said...

Hey, thanks for posting my link list on your sidebar there. Much appreciated!

Tony Laplume said...

No problem! I'll be participating here, but it's worth noting that I have a readers blog (Hub City), and a Goodreads account, in case you want to get a jump on what I may be talking about next month.


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