Sunday, April 28, 2013

#569. Life & Theft Sunday

could I be
a contender
instead of
a bum,
which is
what I am?

chop me up
and feed me
to the poor.

you're my
big brother
and you
bailed on me!


Nigel Mitchell said...

I'm trying to guess which movies these are from. "On the Waterfront?"

Maurice Mitchell said...

Classic line. "I could'a been a contender instead of BUM which is what I AM."

Tony Laplume said...

The first one is indeed a rephrasing from On the Waterfront.

The second is from The Departed.

The third is from Warrior.

They're all linked here because I consider them to be thematically related and featuring three (Marlon Brando, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy) iconic actors giving their most iconic performances. Hardy is obviously the newest of the bunch, but I knew the minute I saw Warrior that it had joined this elite club.


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