Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Direct Current #6

ITEM!  Comics Reader - Quarter Bin #45 "Brother's Blitz, Part 3"
In my ongoing back issue column I finally conclude a look at a large amount of comics my brother gave me more than a decade ago but I never really read until now.  I've found a surprising number of gems, and also quite a few stinkers.  Marvel really wins out big this time!

Read more here.

ITEM!  Star Trek Fan Companion - Enterprise 2x6 "Marauders"
If you really liked the Klingons in the original series, this may be your favorite episode of Enterprise, in which much the same story is told, this time without the meddling of all-powerful beings!

Read more here.


Rusty Webb helps promote A Hero's Journey.

Spacerguy promotes Star Trek on Netflix.

Cygnus wonders if he's a Pythagorean.


Spacerguy said...

I still have a few astounding sci fi mags, lol. Its educational fun reading them.

Tony Laplume said...

I love (re)reading old magazines!


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