Friday, October 12, 2012

Direct Current #3

ITEM!  Star Trek Fan Companion - Enterprise 2x3 "Minefield"
If you like Romulans, you may be interested to catch their first chronological appearance in this sneaky effort from Enterprise, in which Malcolm Reed finds himself literally pinned to the hull of the ship.

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ITEM!  Star Trek Fan Companion - Enterprise 2x4 "Dead Stop"
Damage occurred to the ship in the last episode, and this one features the odd circumstances in which it's repaired.  You just may have to see this one to believe it...

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ITEM!  Comics Reader - Reading Comics #74 "Making History"
Formalizing my look at new comics and graphic novels into a column with the inverted name of the blog, this time we look at another smattering of mostly new comics, including some things the Avengers have been up to (in two incarnations!), some characters with "Flash" in their name, several Superman and Batman related adventures, and many others!

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Mock! relates a humorous Twitter conversation about Neil Gaiman's hat.

Listen to Green Asterisk talk about concluding their look at the original Star Trek cast adventures.

PT Dilloway's Next Big Thing.


Pretty big movie weekend.  Argo, Ben Affleck's new directorical effort, is opening, and so is Seven Psychopaths, starring a whole bunch of interesting folks like Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell.  There's also Here Comes the Boom, the Kevin James MMA flick, which seems to be the comedic version of last year's exceptional Warrior.  I'm planning on the first two and Looper, plus maybe End of Watch, the Michael Pena/Jake Gyllenhaal movie that puts a fresh spin on the found footage genre.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Kevin James and MMA should never be uttered in the same sentence.

Tony Laplume said...

He did slim down for the role.

MOCK! said...

I just posted....elsewhere....but I think "Looper" is going to happen this week. Usually I would wait for Redbox, but a guy on my Broomball team saw it and said it was great. Given at it doesn't look like his sort of movie and SO looks like my sort, I'm in!


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