Saturday, October 06, 2012

#464. The Continuing Mission Continues

I know I haven't done a lot of this recently, but how about we check in with what I've been doing in some of my other blogs?

The spotlight falls squarely on the Fan Companion, which a few days ago finished its survey of the fourth (and final) season of Star Trek: Enterprise, which brought an end to one particular era of the franchise in 2005.  At that point it seemed that most fans had decided both the series and Star Trek in general were no longer worth following.  Enterprise made a concerted effort to win back interest that season, with a series of arcs that linked the events of this prequel to existing lore from other incarnations, notably the original series.  The season began by wrapping up its Temporal Cold War arc, which had been running since the first episode, somewhat hastily (it's still a matter up for debate), and then soon plunged into new, shorter arcs with the Augments Trilogy, which harked back to the famous Khan as well as Data's creator, who happened to be played by Brent Spiner (you know who else he played, right?).  The Vulcan Trilogy followed, which attempted to reconcile the Vulcans as portrayed in Enterprise to their later brethren.  The Federation Trilogy was the last big Andorian story of the series, but it also involved Tellarites and Romulans, and contains recurring characters Shran and Soval in their best scene of the series as one interrogates the other (I'll let you guess which is which).  The Klingon Duology finally answers how these guys went from smooth-headed to ridged (and it has nothing to do with potato chips).  The two-part "In a Mirror, Darkly" brilliantly revisits the alternate Mirror Universe first seen in "Mirror, Mirror" and half a dozen Deep Space Nine episodes.  The Terra Prime Duology represents what many consider to be the true series finale.  And of course the actual finale episode, "These Are the Voyages," which many still consider to be controversial.

My ongoing efforts to chronicle the franchise from a user-friendly perspective, episode by episode, are collected on this page.  My slightly more ambitious attempt to define the new classics of Star Trek can be found here.

With the conclusion of the Enterprise fourth season survey, I've now concluded episodes recaps for five seasons of Star Trek (also including Voyager and Deep Space Nine).  There are only twenty-four seasons left!  So I will be at this for some time.


You can read about a lot of what I'm trying to accomplish as a writer at my eponymous blog, but there's also my writing blog Sigild V, where I've recently concluded the twelve-part "City of Tomorrow," a Dean Motter-inspired look at some of the social history of Metropolis (as in Superman).  Yes, some people might combine their writer's and writing blogs.  I'm insane.  I'm also thinking of hosting a writing exercise entitled Project Mayhem, in which all you would have to do is write a 250 word story and leave comments on other entries.  If you are interested in this, please leave a comment.  I will probably write about it again, so don't feel bad if you overlook it here (although you can't feel bad because you'll have overlooked it).


I'm still writing about funny books over at Comics Reader, including the "Brother's Blitz" series in the Quarter Bin column where I tax reader interest by droning on about a lot of comics.


I've technically signed on to write about movies for another website, but I haven't gotten around to writing something yet.  My first material will be on Colin Farrell, however.


I'm still reading books.  You can see evidence of that at Hub City.  I'm currently reading author David Maine, who has a penchant of writing literary novels based on biblical tales.  I'm thinking of CreateSpacing my own Adam/Eve/Cain/Abel book, previously known as Ecce Homo, but retitled Minor Contracts.  That's an exclusive Scouring Monk scoop!

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PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

People used to complain about how many blogs would show up on my feed, though most of those were for stories that were one-and-done. Anyway, you've got way too many blogs!

It's funny my sister who hates all the other Star Trek shows loves Enterprise. She denies it's because Scott Bakula is in it but really it's because Scott Bakula is in it.

I never got into that show. Once they introduced the transporter early on it really just became another boring Star Trek show. Then there was that whole Death Star plot the one season. Lame.


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