Sunday, May 27, 2012

#414. 2011-2012 TV Season

I had a pretty interesting fall last year.  The company (Borders) I was working for went out of business, so I started a months-long odyssey to find a new job just as the new TV season was beginning.  Many of my regular decisions were affected by this, since I started staying at my sister's house and I deferred to her tastes a lot.  Thankfully, we share some of the same shows, and I got to watch some of the stuff I really wanted to.  Two notable exceptions were Cougar Town (didn't catch any of the new season) and Community (caught only a few episodes, but brilliant as ever).

What that really meant was that I got to watch two seasons of Biggest Loser (this spring's edition featured the very people who were probably never really going to benefit from such an experience, in the long-term), as well as my first season of Criminal Minds (I am now a fan).

I intended to watch more of the new shows from the season than I actually did.  Never actually watched an episode of Terra Nova (oops!), and only caught a handful of New Girl (love it, though!).  Person of Interest became my main lifeline to the freshman class, and it was totally worth it.  Brilliant show.  Never got to see Alcatraz, though, and I kept missing episodes of Awake, even though it was instantly a favorite.  Tried watching Touch, but couldn't really get into it.

I watched a few episodes of Blue Bloods this season, and so can still count it as a regular viewing favorite.  NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles were predictably entertaining.  The season finale of CSI was brilliant, perhaps the best single hour of the series to date, and all it took were two strong new leads and a long-time regular reaching a fateful decision.  I kind of hate myself for not seeing a single episode of the final season of CSI: Miami, but it's one of those timeslot things.  If it had still been on Mondays, there's no doubt I would've.

I watched WWE Raw, so I enjoyed the rise of CM Punk as a regular member of the main event, and his subsequent (and ongoing) six month reign as champion, but this is not really a part of any specific season.

How I Met Your Mother took long strides toward making its characters more mature, which makes it ironic that the season ended with some of them acting irresponsibly.  The show is still awesome.

Fringe had another brilliant season, perhaps its single best, and none too late, too, earning a shortened final season next fall.

The Walking Dead made a fan of me in its second season.  I caught snatches of the first season, didn't like what I saw.  But I liked just about everything from the second one.

The Big Bang Theory had another slam-bang season, but that's to be expected.

I saw enough of the second season of Raising Hope to know that the first season was not a fluke.

What else?  Survivor had a couple of interesting seasons, but I'm not sure that they were some of the best ones the show has had.  Some questionable casting decisions left contestants scrambling for fates that shouldn't have been such problems for them.  Ozzy should have won.  Troyzan should have won.  Neither, ultimately, reached the finals, and it's a damn shame.  They should play in the same season together, and ensure victory for one of them.  I would compare both to Boston Rob.  Given the right circumstances, they, too, can eventually win.  That's the kind of show Survivor is.  I'm not saying that the people who actually do win don't deserve to win, but that there are always contestants who actually deserve it more, and they just can't manage to do it.  Amanda is another prime example of this.  Jonathan Penner, too, but it looks like he'll have another shot next season.

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