Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#412. Star Trek, Comics, Space Corps

I think one of the things that must've confused A-to-Z visitors during April was the fact that I blog not in a single blogs, but on a network of them.  This is not totally unheard-of, but unusual enough so that it presents a problem when you're trying to decide how to keep reading me after all the hoopla of the challenge is over.  Most of what I actually write here at Scouring Monk is redirection to these other blogs, too.  (Most of it.)  Anyway, why else am I here if not to help?

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you have to visit Fan Companion.  I've been working away at this blog since 2010, since it became a surrogate for a community that all but died at that time.  The whole point of Fan Companion was to post my thoughts on the franchise, pretty much in its entirety, since to my experience very few Star Trek fans actually like all of Star Trek, and by "all of Star Trek" I mean the six TV shows and eleven films (to date), and so the Fan Companion was literally that, the first steps to building something akin to what four of the six series have enjoyed thanks to various writers sanctioned by Paramount and published by Pocket Books to help fans navigate them, but from the perspective of an unabashed fan, one who wanted to make it easier to see what the franchise has been up to for the past forty-five years.  This page is a handy compendium of those efforts (just as this one slightly expands on what all those April visitors saw on a daily basis).

That being said, this is work that is never complete.  I'm still working on individual episodes, and still on Star Trek: Voyager, now in its second season (with "The 37s," "Initiations," and "Projections" now represented).

I had done a fair bit of other stuff at Fan Companion outside of Star Trek, including the popular movie thoughts that served as the main crux of my April musings, but I've also talked about professional wrestling there, and that basically killed any regular interest the blog previously enjoyed.

Anyway, I've got more Star Trek stuff at Sigild V, where I've been writing the "Star Trek '12" project, this week having a look at the Bajorans once again and their solar sailing ships.  You can find more of my Star Trek fiction listed here, among other things inspired by other people's things.  I'm always working on original material, too, including Space Corps, and the current, twelve-part "Who Killed Iron Joe?"

And I like comics books.  I read a lot of them, new ones and old.

Oh, and I write poetry, too.  Still have to plug that.

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Spacerguy said...

Its great knowing Star Trek's spirit unites millions on our happy ball of beings.


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