Tuesday, May 01, 2012

#404. Comics, Poems, What Comes Next

Okay!  So the A-to-Z Challenge is officially over, and business can return to normal here at Scouring Monk.

Some of it is business as usual.  For instance, Epistles from the New Fade, my own personal challenge of a five blog with one hundred new poems, continues, now with more rhyming!  So please check that out if you thought my writing was worth checking out in April.  It continues on a pretty much daily basis.

Comics Reader also continues.  I've started reading comics on a more regular basis (you can read some thoughts on that here), but this is probably the spin-off blog with the most regular activity, which I've maintained for more than a year.

I'll be starting a new Space Corps saga over at Sigild V, twelve installments of a story that serves as a prequel to the next book I'll be writing, Seven Thunders.  I will still be working on the "Star Trek '12" project as well, because I have many years to touch on before I'm finished.  (Speaking of that kind of project, if you read this Comics Reader post, you may also be interested in the "DC Decades" project I've postponed at Sigild, just one of many hopefully fascinating stories waiting for you to discover.)

I will also be starting a new feature here at Scouring Monk, aimed squarely at all the new followers I got from the challenge, which will be known as Vantage Point, covering a number of artistic mediums but most certainly including movies, and also TV, comics, music, and books.  I figured I made a certain impression for expectations, and it really wouldn't make sense to just continue as I'd been doing before April and simply link to updates from my other blogs.

In the vein, I've got some thoughts on Survivor: One World, something I talked about in March, when I endorsed Troyzan and Kim as the most likely winners of the season.  Well, Troyzan's gone now and Kim gone mercenary, turning on her own surefire alliance to throw in with a more random if numbers-rich female voting block. To say the least, I respect her far less now than I did at that time.  She may still win, but I will no longer be particularly happy about it.  There are some other options still in play.  I may actually be rooting for Kat now, but we'll see how long she sticks around.  Chelsea, the one with the conscience, may prove more interesting as a possible winner, too, and perhaps more likely than Kim if they both make it to the finals.  How about Tarzan?  He'd be a classic spoiler if they forget to actually eliminate him.

And professional wrestling!  Readers who may exist from earlier times know I wrote about wrestling all the time.  I'm a big fan (check out Fan Companion for proof).  I'm glad CM Punk is still WWE champion, and that Daniel Bryan is his next PPV opponent.  It's a good time to be a fan, actually.  Lots of interesting things going on.  Even TNA seems to have gotten its act together, turning Bobby Roode into a legitimate champion and making it interesting to see who may finally defeat him, if it actually is James Storm, his one-time Beer Money mate.

Anyway, to prove I'm not a cultural heathen, I'll also remind you that I love books, too (Hub City).  I'm still working on my Homeric marathon.  Tell me Achilles wouldn't recognize Brock Lesnar.


Michael Abayomi said...

Thanks for the links to all your other blogs and subjects of interest. I used to watch professional wrestling, but that was way back in the Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan days. Just saying that out loud makes me feel like some old timer. :))

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

Macho Man! Ooo yeah!


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