Monday, December 26, 2011

#332. The Christmas Cat Poem


From my Facebook page, the Christmas Cat poem:

Gather around, those who've sat,
And I shall tell you about the Christmas Cat!

On Christmas Day,
For this holiday,
A creature stirs
Who also purrs.

She wakes from her sleep,
From the warm fuzzy deep,
On a long winter's night
When she has slept tight

To ensure that all have done well
And that she can still spell
All the letters that entail
What she put in the mail

About the report on the order
Of all that goes on in the border
Of her most important domain,
On the great night of gain.

She has inventoried in her rest
The gifts in the nest
Of those she calls friends;
Except, it depends

For one small matter,
Aside from the platter
Of cookies for Santa at night,
Since try as she might

She cannot overlook
Under any book,
The gift of clothing!
Perhaps even bling!

Because if you don't receive a single ounce,
The Christmas Cat will surely pounce!

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