Wednesday, December 07, 2011

#322. Trial of the Flash, Comics, John Morrison


My Trial of the Flash project continues (neatly compiled here), providing Sigild V with storytelling material while I prepare the next project, an ambitious attempt to consolidate DC history by each decade into cohesive narratives.

Comics Reader also continues to feature new material, including more individual issue comments (with RASL, Comic Book Comics, and Justice League joining the excitement), another look at the Green Lantern movie, and regular installments of the blog, such as a Quarter Bin column that has a look at Grant Morrison and Mark Millar's Aztek: The Ultimate Man, plus a note about a collection of adaptations from Edgar Allan Poe short stories.

Hub City continues to showcase selections from my personal library, now featuring more Willie Mays and Bill Clinton!


John Morrison was officially released by WWE last week, and has yet to announce his future plans.  Much has been made of the belief that Morrison basically brought this upon himself by becoming stagnant, refusing to develop his character, failing to become a presence on the mic, but I believe that WWE found it difficult to promote him after several years of presenting him as one of its best wrestlers and failing to actually do anything meaningful with his career, preferring instead to put the spotlight on wrestlers who could more easily produce storylines.  His critics fail to appreciate that John is hardly the first wrestler to fall into this trap, though it's funny that he should be the first one since Chris Benoit's murder/suicide to suffer from this tendency to overlook the best wrestlers in favor of the biggest personalities, because he isn't some mat technician, he's someone with an incredible amount of flare in his repertoire.

What's ironic is that WWE is choosing to promote someone like Zack Ryder as someone who's been "held back," when Ryder has never even approached Morrison's abilities or charisma.  Cheap catchphrases and an Internet show can get you attention, but it won't make your career.  The very things they love about you now will be the things they ridicule tomorrow (and here I count "they" as WWE management and fans).

John Morrison is bankable talent.  WWE's problem is that it took him for granted for too long.  Can you say Chris Jericho?

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