Monday, December 12, 2011

#326. Hub City Cleanup


Hub City is the latest blog in my little family to receive a little tweaking.  I've just added a new label identifying critical analysis on the book I've just completed from the Reading List.  There are now three labels, actually, "Thoughts on..." (the one I've just introduced), "Reading List" (otherwise known as a running catalog of the books I'm reading, and something I previously did here at Scouring Monk), and "Scouring Books," which is a straight listing of books from my personal library.  On the surface, "Scouring Books" entries and "Reading List" may look remarkably similar, but "Reading List" will now have the added distinction of a subsequent "Thoughts on..." entry, should I have sufficient reactions to what I've just finished reading.  There are 11 "Reading List" entries to date, and only 4 "Thoughts on..." essays, starting from October, and many more "Scouring Books."

...Y'know, just in case you were interested...

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