Saturday, December 07, 2002

#15. Rogue Unit "Another Fallen Prey"

Rogue Unit Ep. 02
"Another Fallen Prey"

Wally Pearce and Dody Tyer, unexpectedly paired together on Berlios, attempt to complete Pearce's mission of locating and bringing in Rogue Unit, neither of them knowing what exactly it is. A team of Pincers is planetside, and the pair have a good idea that they should continue avoiding them.

A visit to the Simon Café is uneventful, but it gives them a chance to learn more about each other. Tyer still won't say what his business traveling aboard the Memento was. Regardless, they are becoming friends. Learning of a speaker on current politics Pearce is interested in who is in town and soon to give a speech, the pair head off. Picking up a newspaper, they learn that the controversial Elvin Butler has been receiving death threats, and begin to suspect that perhaps the Pincers are here for that reason. Pearce wonders if they would really be operating so overtly, but reluctantly agrees to report to the local authorities what they know.

Badger (as the law enforcers are known on Berlios, in the sense of being servants of the badge) Eden Holly is assigned to Pearce and Tyer, whom the authorities are basically dismissing. Holly tags along for the next few days, and when Butler's speech approaches, he goes missing, and suddenly the Pincers are requesting passage offworld.

to be continued...

Age of Mouldwarp

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