Friday, December 06, 2002

#14. Not Reading Comics

I gotta say this. I used to be a comic book reader until I couldn't afford it anymore (or something very close to that), and I used to read Wizard magazine. It was then and still is such a whore for Marvel Comics. That accounts for why Spider-man was and is such a smash, and why Marvel always has so many of the highest-selling comics. But Marvel's dirty little secret is that while it hides under the pretension of being a more honest comics company than DC, which I prefer, it really plays to the lowest common demoninator. I stand by that like I stand by a dime as my favorite coin. (See previously-posted babbling about that.) Wizard sometimes appeared to want to be a serious casual read, but it's relentless propoganda campaign for Marvel always won out and in the end I finally decided that I had very little respect for the magazine. It's not something I miss from my comic book days.

Sure, I sound really trite there, but I could go into more detail. I just don't feel like it.

Yes, I know. Slacker.

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