Saturday, December 14, 2002

#22. Rogue Unit "Non Troppo"

Rogue Unit Ep. 03
"Non Troppo"

Eden Holly's attempts to keep Wally and Tyer away from the Pincers, whose attempts to leave Berlios are frustrated as they are suspected of kidnapping activist Elvin Butler. Wally, in the midst of the confusion, learns what Tyer's business aboard the Memento had been: he's a weapons smuggler.

The confrontation isn't pretty. Tyer is furious that Wally didn't trust him, and claims that he's an undercover agent on a sting, but Wally doesn't believe him. The parting is bitter, and Wally is on his own for the first time on Berlios. He leaves the business of the Pincers behind him.

Dody Tyer, however, does not, and after a rash decision to confront the Pincers himself, he's mortally wounded, and Elvin Butler is found dead as well. The evidence points to a third party, and the Pincers are set free and depart Berlios. Wally Pearce is left to try and pick up the pieces, and continue his search for Rogue Unit.

to be continued...

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