Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Interrupting Cat - The Letter G

For this one,
you need to keep in mind
that Boo is referring
to a specific goat,
the Eponymous Monk himself,
the Invisible Goat,
(name to be revealed
on Q Day)

The Goat
is a P.I. who was hired
by Boo
to work against the interests
of The Dog

Eponymous Monk ended
after The Goat realized
he'd been duped;
Boo hired him
so she could replace The Dog
as the Dictator of the Galaxy
(and darned be all the Flies Who Are Spies!)

It might also be noted,
on a less serious,
less consequential note,
that cats who are
clearly sitting there 
judging you
are probably
inside their kitty heads

Anyway, connect with the rest of the A-to-Z Challenge!

And in closing today,
The Goat's favorite refrain:



Pat Dilloway said...

Wow the goat's name is Q. Awesome.

Kate Larkindale said...

So the goat is in league with the cat, but against the evil dog... I need to ground myself in this cat's universe.

Spacerguy said...

The cat and the goat joined forces which makes total sense. Cats have been known to tag team even dogs.

mshatch said...

This cat is way more devious than any of mine.

Remembering Grace said...

Oh man, I've missed so much. Did you just tell me how it ended?! I'm pretending like I didn't just read that, LOL...

Leslie S. Rose said...

I can't get the vision of a goat in a trench coat out of my head.

Tony Laplume said...

Emily Dickinson, technically the story will not end until December. I could have given a massive spoiler yesterday, but I didn't.

Leslie, technically it is called a goat coat.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Now its getting good. And juicy!


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