Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#350. Comics Reader, Star Trek '12 (Again)


Got some new reading material at both Comics Reader and Sigild.  Worth your time?

Depends.  At Comics Reader, it's another Quarter Bin column, looking at another random assortment of comics that all end up reflecting the theme of things not always living up to expectations, which isn't terribly radical, but maybe in the comics I look at and what I say about them, it might be worth checking out.

With Sigild, I'm continuing the "Star Trek '12" series, visiting another century with another pretty short entry, which may or may not be the last pretty short entry for a while.  We'll see.  This time the perspective is a little different, looking from the future rather than directly at the past.  Versatility!

The point may be with that one, though, that brevity can sometimes be the soul of wit, which is a philosophy I'm not sure is widely held in literature today.  I know that lots of writers are writing what's called flash fiction these days, but the dominant interest in publishing remains the kind of writing that prizes excessively detailed narration on every action and detail of a story, rather than inner monologues and commentaries that to my mind are more interesting.  But who am I against the tide?

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