Tuesday, May 20, 2008

#166. Weekly No. 90

Paperback Reader's Weekly No. 89i

Week of May 14, 2008

QB ~Final Crisis Sketchbook #1 (DC) “Surveillance heroes” is an interesting way to describe the modern era, and the Japanese characters are off the charts. Welcome back to the big show, Grant.

QB ~Batman #676(DC) Still working the early stages, but Grant style, for Part 1 of “Batman R.I.P.”

QB ~Zorro #3 (Dynamite) Maybe it takes Matt Wagner and Zorro together for readers to realize they haven’t seen this story, this hero, in a long time.

~Project Superpowers #3 (Dynamite) Best issue so far.

~Gotham Underground #8 (of 9) (DC) Nice statement, Batman. So does the gang war have a meaningful conclusion in sight, Penguin?

~Green Arrow and Black Canary #8 (DC) Welcome to the family, Dodger?

~newuniversal: Shockfront #1 (Marvel) I know Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, and you are no Grant Morrison. And newuniversal has to do more to prove it’s not just another emerging-powers thing than this.

QB ~Simon Dark #8 (DC) Nice way to demonstrate how Simon fits into the rest of Gotham.

QB ~The Twelve #5 (of 12) (Marvel) Nice way to demonstrate how these heroes fit into the rest of the modern age.

QB ~Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1 (of 8) (DC) Terrible cover, Jim Starlin. Great art, Ron Lim. Great story, Jim Starlin.

~Wonder Woman #20 (DC) Seriously, Gail Simone, you’re not getting it if you think she works best on an “epic scale.”

~Superman #676 (DC) A better segue issue than most of the Kurt Busiek run. But does it actually portend to greater significance, or is the ending just misleading?

~DC Universe Special: Justice League of America #1 (DC) I’m not sure if the timing of this release was just right or too early. But the reprints were fun to look at, if not actually read.

Please note: QB preceding a title means it's a recommended read.


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