Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#168. 2008 Movie Favorites, Wrestling, In Treatment

On Monday I finally completed the 2008 version of my favorite movies list. When I began this project in 2004, it consisted of a hundred films, and again in 2006, but last year, I expanded it to two hundred. This year, I felt confident enough to expand it further, to three hundred, and to shake things even further than I had with the previous version in terms of honesty in ranking. Each version to this point has been posted at Lower Decks' Observation Lounge, where I've been posting since 2000, when the parent site was still called Section 31 and we could be said to have an active membership. If you visit Lower Decks now, you'll note that there hasn't been an update in the news bullets since last October, and that's just the tip of the decline, which began when site contributors stopped coordinating and lost interest in what had at one point been the whole point of the enterprise, namely Star Trek. Yeah, it was one of those things. When the franchise lost its mass appeal a few years back (watch out, next year!), it was perfectly reflected within the community. Still, I've never stopped visiting, and I still write 'fan fiction' I post there, the same stuff you'll find in the current version of my Mouldwarp personal site on the links list. I'm writing another one at the moment, this despite several years ago claiming I'd written my last one.

Anyway, I've been debating whether I want to post the new favorites list at the board. They've generally gone over extremely well, better than anything else I've done there, so that's not the issue. I do worry, though, that such an extensive list may test their patience, even though at this point 300 movies is what it takes to be a representative idea of my taste in film. Regardless, if and when I do get the new Google Pages site up I talked about a few months back, the list will definitely be posted there.

Going to ECW/Smackdown tapings next Tuesday!

And I'll get to buy WrestleMania XXIV tomorrow, and hopefully get to watch it by Sunday! Woooooooo! It'll be joining a slowly growing compilation of wrestling DVDs, most of the recent ones featuring career retrospectives and the like, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, the Horsemen (and the last Ric Flair set when it's released in July, unless the previous one turns out to have been better). I've been watching those in anticipation of 'Mania, taking a break from the endless DVD marathon of movies I've been amassing. Deer Hunter derailed it, actually. I'm not a fan, I guess, and all it ended up convincing me to do is watch more wrestling. But I'm back on track, continuing last night with a promo for HBO's unsung gem In Treatment, which is like seeing a play in ongoing thirty minute installments. It's the first time I've seen the show, but I'm already in love. Viewers, get watching!

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