Sunday, March 21, 2010

#235. WrestleMania XXVI, Three Stooges Syndrome, Jennifer Moxley


This is going to be one of the larger WrestleMania cards in recent history:

Edge vs. Jericho
Cena vs. Batista
Hitman vs. McMahon
Triple H vs. Sheamus
HBK vs. Undertaker
Money in the Bank
CM Punk vs. Re Mysterio
ShowMiz vs. Morrison/Truth
Orton vs. Dibiase vs. Rhodes

as well as some possible divas match. Makes me worried that the tag team match will once again be relegated to "DVD bonus match," which is the last thing I'd like to see happen to John Morrison. Maybe the theoretical divas match will get the "honor." At any rate, with about a week to go now, I do think this is probably the best pound-for-pound WrestleMania card I've seen, no fat, even with just about everyone and their mother participating. So, congrats to that much.


I'll be getting Genesis and Elimination Chamber probably later this week, early next, so I'll get to have some feedback from the actual cards soon. Excited about that. Also seemed like a good time to finally pick up the Monday Night War DVD.


As far as my writing "career" goes, I think I've been in Three Stooges Syndrome, not really being able to put the full effort behind any one project because I've always had so many: trying to get poetry published, trying to get fiction published, trying to break into comics. Is it really any wonder that I haven't gotten any of these goals accomplished yet? Anyway, still plugging along...


Jennifer Moxley, an old English professor of mine from UMaine, either doesn't check her e-mail very often, or *sniff* has already forgotten about me...


That's all for now!

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