Monday, June 01, 2009

#203. Mr. Kennedy No More


Really sucked to hear that "Mr. Kennedy" Ken Anderson was released from WWE on Friday, which is kind of funny considering the company recently decided to actively develop "new superstars." Dudes, Kennedy was the new superstar dating back to his debut, and you totally, consistently, dropped the ball. The problem kept being, you could never find a feud worthy of catapulting him. (It was never his wrestling ability, smark marks.) Time and time again, all you thought would work was putting him in feuds against super-established talent. You never let audiences see him as an active, leading member of a newer generation! You can't promote someone like this by assuming the audience will just accept him. If it didn't work for HBK in 1996, what would make you think it would with someone who had far less experience behind him?

Best of luck, Ken. If TNA snatches you up, I instantly become a fan of TNA. If WWE realizes its mistake, perhaps all the better, because the company finally might realize what it's been doing wrong...

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