Friday, April 03, 2009

#195. WrestleMania 25 Preview

WrestleMania 25 being two days away at this point, I just want to get a word in, as I usually do, and remind the Theoretical Reader that I'll have input when the DVD is released later on. But the card look absolutely phenomenal. When did Triple H ever have a main event lined up for himself like this? Oh, right, the last time he was at odds with a former member of Evolution. But this one with Randy Orton looks like it's going to be one of the better main events of the recent past. Cena-Edge-Big Show should also be worth checking out, certainly to see a reprise of Cena-Edge on the grand stage, but to see how Show performs in a big match situation, his first title shot at WrestleMania since 2000. It goes without saying that Shawn Michaels-Undertaker is at least worth the price of admission, and then you've also got the battle of the Hardy brothers, the tag team unification bout between Miz & Morrison and the Colons (love to have John Morrison in the spotlight, and that Carlito finally have his featured position as well), and a Money in the Bank match that might depart from the usual script. Plus, Chris Jericho and divas, lots and lots of divas...Personally, I think JBL-Misterio is a little tacked on, but both guys deserve to be on the card so I'm not complaining. Am I forgetting a match?

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