Tuesday, April 14, 2009

#197. 2009 Draft

The 2009 WWE draft did this:

Triple H (not surprised)
Big Show (hopefully they can do something with him this time)
MVP (the biggest question mark of the draft)
The Miz (breaking up Miz & Morrison was necessary and inevitable)
Matt Hardy (breaking up the Hardys was also a good thing)
Maryse (funny that this is finally happening)

Chris Jericho (woohoo!)
CM Punk (woohoo!)
Melina (back home!)
Rey Misterio (ditto!)
Kane (see: Big Show)

Vladimir Koslov (hopefully a comparable move to Mark Henry's)

Smackdown is the winner, I'd say, a chance to be more dynamic, less predictable, which is always the point of the brand, while Raw is always supposed to be top-heavy (that's what they keep saying, every single year). The only problem is, the very thing the fans complain about they perennially underestimate, the power of Smackdown. If MVP succeeds, they'll cheer him. But if CM Punk succeeds, I wonder if they'll even notice.

Back when the supplemental draft is announced.

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