Friday, January 09, 2009

#188. Fall In Their Place, TNA, Mr. Kennedy

I've started a third poetry blog, called Fall In Their Place, partly because I just missed blogging poetry, partly because 2009 will be a big writing year for me. I'll be working on The God-Slanter throughout the year, plus my coworkers are restarting their Write Club, and I'm using the first session to give myself a little boost for that project. It should be fun.

TNA, for the record, seems to have put a decent PPV together in the upcoming Genesis, while WWE put a whoppe on with last month's Armageddon, where Jeff Hardy finally became a heavyweight champion. While everyone pays attention to MMA, my heart's still with wrestling. Mr. Kennedy, meanwhile, seems to have found himself in a decent movie in Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia, which I look forward to checking out, plus The Best of Starrcade is finally being released. I had made a vow to make this year one to start saving some money for a change, but between this, a bunch of CDs (how quaint!) I want to get, and the usual, I don't know. It's a long year!

This was just a quick note to get the blog into the new year. Hopefully I'll be back soon to chat more, O Theoretical Reader!

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