Saturday, November 15, 2008

#187. Book, Hancock, Eddie Guerrero

It's kind of weird. This was supposed to be my grand return to NaNo, but instead, a new computer problem knocked me out again. Problem is, I think this time, I am going to have the gumption to write the new story anyway, outside of the November stunt. I've become more and more convinced that The God-Slanter has become the bridge The Cloak of Shrouded Men could never be. If nothing else, it is going to be a lot harder to peg just what genre it fits in, despite a number of elements that once again would make it very easy for Borders, say, to stick it in Sci-fi/Fantasy. But to give you an idea, it's more inspired by Melville and Swift than what you would find in that section of your local bookstore. What's more, I'm even interested in possibly putting feelers out for actual publication. Crazy, I know. But one way or another, I'm confident that the next book I write will be first book in the long-gestating Lance Nolan opus.

I'm sorry, but in the six years I've been writing here at Scouring Monk, I don't think I've ever mentioned that one. You would certainly have had the opportunity to investigate certain elements of the story, but it's just something too important to so casually let fly. On the other hand, an equally important part of my literary future, the comic Bandit, I can tell you if that you saw Hancock, you would have become familiar with a startling number of similar details.

That's all you get!

Still watching wrestling, got the new Eddie Guerrero DVD set, started watching it. God, I miss that man, but knowing his legacy lives on and that even this retrospective can't possibly cover everything there is to watch of his career is a comfort. The man lives as long as his memory does. And every time I add a little bit of it to my own, I feel that much more privileged.

Hey, and what about more personal details of this personal life? Sorry. I think too much to need memorializing that much here. If I were still working on the poetry project, maybe you'd know more. (And maybe, when I get the computer issues resolved, you'll get more of that after all, because I miss it.) But for now?

So long. Keep the fish coming.

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