Thursday, June 01, 2006

#123. Orlando Jordan

And so ends the tenure of Oz, Orlando Jordan, in WWE. Released last week due to lack of potential, his last act was to jumpstart a story arc between Nunzio and Vito. The promise of last year's US championship reign, the feud with Chris Benoit, and the few things that had been in the cards this year are now gone, and whatever he may have contributed are now a thing of the past. Like Test and Luther Reigns before him, Orlando Jordan is a Monk favorite who went before his time. There may be a better ending at some point, but for now, best of luck in the future, buddy. At least Test has come back and figures to have a prominant role in the new ECW...

I'll be reporting back with thoughts on WrestleMania 23, as well as a review of past years, plus the usual crummy updates about my progress in other matters, but for now, this'll do it.

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