Tuesday, February 25, 2003

#33. The Seven Day Theory, Part 1

There was
some light.

Tarried by some particular urge
we searched the verdant underworld
sunken beneath a putrid folly where
the accounts of hallowed fiends festered
withering beside a caldron lightly.

Broken from this shell of falsehood
punctured by a fit of reason
capturing the fancy of some troubadour
ventured southward of insanity by
shaken faith for a kind of vanity.

There were other places far beyond us
cotton candy winterlands decorated in
existential windmills -- caught between
the breeze and a vague notion
that they themselves moved their blades.

One by one dapper villains twirled
umbrellas with their gauntlet-covered hands
swinging gently round and round
catching each stray misty wet flurry
drop by drop.

Up just ahead there stood the door
our passage out from this
perpendicular to a wolfish grin
the door opened itself.

There was
a light in there.

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