Wednesday, February 26, 2003

#34. The Seven Day Theory, Part 2

Between the waters
we found definition.

There were ambiguities
long and succulent
crashing, clashing, lashing
chaos evident yet unihibited
truncated to some degree
we trudged along
embezzled by a sensation
lost among the distance
never touching never reaching
surrounded and impeaded.

Confusion reigned
we skipped along
splashing, spacing, pacing
unheralded as the resplendant sea
it was there
no one noticed until they did
then they went back to their lives
a momentary spite
bespectacled hecklers hectored
nary a thought to the grain

Some day we laugh
shrug off a pitiless moaning
mourners of the unmourned morning
vulnerable and plenty
inviting jackals
if there were any
there aren't
we moved along
past a puddle paralyzed

Between the waters
we surveyed definition.

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